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Lover Unbound & Lover Enshrined Reviews

I’m back on that Black Dagger Brotherhood grind! I feel more immersed in the series after completing these two books then ever before, and I am honestly just so excited to keep reading and let J.R. Ward take me away.

lover unbound

Lover Unbound (The Black Dagger Brotherhood #5) by J.R. Ward
5 stars

Vishous has been my favorite brother since the beginning of the series–tough, smart, funny. I loved learning more about where he came from, the origins of his power, as well as the surprise of who his parents were. His and Doctor Janes love story was very different from any of the brothers romances before, and I found their connection to balance out the best and worst in each other. There were times when I was shocked, times when my heart broke, and times when I couldn’t help from smiling. I feel like this is the first book where J.R. Ward really starts stepping up her plotting game, building and intertwining plot points for the larger story and future books.

lover enshrined
Lover Enshrined (The Black Dagger Brotherhood #6) by J.R. Ward
5 stars

I love you forever didn’t always need to be spoken to be understood. 

So many people who love this series don’t particularly favor this book, I almost always hear it is often people’s least favorite. So I was a little surprised to find how moved I was by Phury’s story. His book is truly about addiction, depression, and the broken feeling of wanting to save someone and knowing you can’t. It was about a shattered family, and the delicate bond between siblings that can so easily become a tangled mess through life’s traumas.

J.R. Ward has used this book and the last to really set up a larger picture for the series, and I really think her writing just keeps getting better as the series progresses. She made some big moves in the major plot, as well as side plots, and the web of relationships in this world is so intricate. I’m beginning to understand why this series is so beloved!

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