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Wicked and The Wallflower by Sarah MacLean


5 stars *****

Sarah MacLean just know how to write a well layered and gorgeously complex love story. She really has a way of crafting these unique and lyrically stunning bonds between her hero and heroine. The links to mythology she included in this book made me wistful and incredibly emotional. And what’s more her books always bring a complex whirl of highs and lows that keep you intensely reading, from joy to angst, poetic romanticism to melodramatic revenge.

This first book in her most recent series did everything to hook me, she set up a sweet and elusive second book hero. She introduced a completely juicy and tangled romantic history that has me begging for the third book.

But most importantly I was so invested in the happiness of Devil and Felicity. I enjoyed how endearing I found BOTH of Sarah’s main characters, it made their HEA all the more rewarding.

Probably my favorite historical of 2019 (even if it was published in 2018)!

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