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Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews


2.75 stars ***

Was expecting to really get immersed in this one because it’s fairly beloved by the romance community, but I just couldn’t get into the characters. Something about Nevada and Rogan’s emotional reactions to their situation seemed fairly surface and slapdash to me, in a way that made it almost impossible for me to connect with or care about them as characters.

The world was interesting, and the magic system seemed almost limitless and I’m still unsure whether this is a positive or negative for me. While I liked how outside of the box the types of magical beings were, some of it almost seemed less undeveloped. Ilona Andrews went from including the smallest details of how a persons magic functioned, and then went to not even explaining how spells drawing interacted with intuitive magic.

The villain of the story also danced back in forth in my opinion. He was quippy and Mason-esque in the beginning, driven by chaos, anger, and the need to be released from boredom. But he somehow devolved into a spoiled brat by the end, which is just not that scary, they’re everywhere. Spoiled rich pretty boys. Which may have been the point, I’m still not sure.

Essentially I am all over the fence with this one. I plan on continuing the series because I have hopes for llona Andrews (that and I bulk bought every book in the series, oops) and I really want the series to get better. I really hope I love the next one, and find a character in this series to truly care about.

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