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House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig


5 stars ***** (I’d give more if I could)

Holy hell.

This book was rich, and atmospheric. It was more than just a book, it was a story, and a world. There were times when I couldn’t helped but be pulled away from the reality of my life and into the pages much like a young girl can get pulled into a dance, or a dream.

It was wild and poetic, dark and fantastical, melancholy and romantic. By far my favorite YA stand alone fantasy all year, and maybe my favorite in a long long time. Annaleigh and her sisters were smart, and whimsical, and emotive, and strong. They were also flippant and at times shallow. They were endearing yet flawed, as I’m sure many real life young girls are, and in so many ways this led me as a reader to care for them deeply as if they were my own sisters.

I grieved with them, I fell in love while they fell in love, and little pieces of me broke away when they were hurt.

I really can’t believe this was Erin A. Craig’s debut novel because it was so well crafted, and eloquently written. I can not wait to see what eerie tales she weaves next.

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