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American King by Sierra Simone

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Fuck it! I’m giving this one 5 stars *****

This series was absolutely cuckoo bananas! But still I love the intensity with which Sierra Simone crafts a love story, she holds nothing back and it makes her characters and their relationships so interesting and moving. It makes her books wild and impossible to tame in the best way. I adore her fearlessness.

This series only got more insane and melodramatic in this final book, but by this point it stops being unbelievable and starts being fantastical. It’s so well written you get swept up in every deliciously outlandish moment. The angst, the lust, the yearning all build to a crescendo with twists and turns that only a Sierra Simone story can provide.

I can’t wait to read every tangled web of broken hearts and joyous happy endings (at least in the last book!) that Sierra Simone writes from here on out.

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